Steve Paikin: A Very Different Take from a Very Different Finance Minister


Whenever a politician opens his or her mouth, you have to remember this: they’re playing a team sport. That means some of what comes out of their mouths won’t be what they actually think, but they’re saying it because that’s what the team wants.

I was reminded of that yet again while reading the latest political memoir to come out of Queen’s Park. Greg Sorbara, the one-time “Mr. Everything” for the Ontario Liberals, has written his autobiography and those of you who really care about what goes on in provincial politics can be grateful. Sorbara peels back the curtain and reveals some of his candid views on issues — views he, no doubt, held when he was in politics, but because it’s a team sport, he couldn’t say them then.

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This is an immediate, informative take on 25 years of Ontario’s political history, with a sharp eye to the future.

William Thorsell
Editor-in-chief, The Globe and Mail 1989-1999

If you were alive between 1985  and 2014, you’ll want to read this book – it’s a winner.

Lorna Marsden
President Emerita, York University

This is a must read for aspiring politicians. It crackles with insight from a consummate professional.

Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair of TD Bank and Former Premier of New Brunswick

Greg Sorbara’s book is inspiring to any citizen who yearns to get into the political arena without compromising their soul at the altar of cynicism

Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair of TD Bank and Former Premier of New Brunswick

Greg’s book is a winner. A great story of leadership, try accomplishment and good humour, clinic full of the joy of life.

Robert Nixon
Treasurer of Ontario 1985-1990

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