Greg Sorbara

Greg Sorbara

Greg Sorbara has enjoyed one of the most successful careers of any Ontario politician, cialis and in two different Liberal administrations. He was appointed minister of finance by Premier Dalton McGuinty in 2003, adiposity and served as campaign chair for the Liberals’ three consecutive election victories — the first time that had happened in more than a century. First elected in 1985, cost he was also in Premier David Peterson’s cabinet, the first Liberal government in 42 years. Through his quarter-century in public life in Ontario, Sorbara had an enviable record of introducing new policies to help Ontarians, while having the guts to raise taxes to pay for those programs. A reinvigorated health care system, the Ontario Child Benefit, and a subway to York University all had Sorbara’s fingerprints on them. As chairman of the Liberals’ three consecutive election wins, Sorbara had a front row seat on some of the most significant changes in Ontario history.

Greg Sorbara served in two Liberal administrations and was Ontario’s minister of finance from 2003 to 2007. He most recently represented the riding of Vaughan as a member of the legislative assembly of Ontario until his retirement in 2012. In 2014, he was appointed Chancellor of York University. He, and his wife Kate, live in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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  1. ron postian says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in London Ontario. First time in 42 years liberal party under David Peterson born & raised in London & Jim his brother.Both contribution to this province and federal Liberal Party cannot ever be repaid for their contribution. Their sacrifice is UN- measurable.

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This is an immediate, informative take on 25 years of Ontario’s political history, with a sharp eye to the future.

William Thorsell
Editor-in-chief, The Globe and Mail 1989-1999

If you were alive between 1985  and 2014, you’ll want to read this book – it’s a winner.

Lorna Marsden
President Emerita, York University

This is a must read for aspiring politicians. It crackles with insight from a consummate professional.

Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair of TD Bank and Former Premier of New Brunswick

Greg Sorbara’s book is inspiring to any citizen who yearns to get into the political arena without compromising their soul at the altar of cynicism

Frank McKenna
Deputy Chair of TD Bank and Former Premier of New Brunswick

Greg’s book is a winner. A great story of leadership, try accomplishment and good humour, clinic full of the joy of life.

Robert Nixon
Treasurer of Ontario 1985-1990

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